Saturday, July 31, 2021

From the Sewing Room


A little girl's quilt made with leftover fabric.
Chris stopped by during the week and dropped off a bolt of
multicolor circle print backing fabric.  This is for me to use when
making quilts for Outreach.  While I have enough fabric to 
make the quilt tops I ran out of [kids print] yardage for the backs.  
I love working with batik fabric.
A Facebook friend sent me a photo of a new chair she purchased
with a quilt I sent her a long time ago on it.  She was using it to protect
the cushions since they are light in color.  I decided to made this for
her to use instead with the length long enough to go behind
both the top and bottom cushion.  It may be a little
longer than she needs but I'd rather it be longer than shorter.
Another little Outreach quilt with simple line quilting.
This is a better picture of the backing fabric Chris dropped of.
JoAnn's had flannel on sale for $2.99 per yard.  They had
tons of adorable baby prints so I picked up a few for burp cloths.
The burp cloths and taggies are being added to the bag
of baby stuff for my nephew to give to his friends who
are expecting a boy soon.

Today ... I'll be finishing up a few little projects one being
a Halloween quilt for a Facebook friend.  She is really into decorating 
for the Halloween holiday so this will be perfect for her.  She
is also part of a westie rescue group and totally deserves
a little surprise.

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