Sunday, November 28, 2021

Thanks-mas ... A New Holiday!


I came up with the name "Thanks-mas" to represent {at least
at our house} the traditional day of Thanksgiving and to incorporate
the house being decorated for Christmas. 
The centerpiece for the buffet table was made from what
I normally put on the fireplace mantel.   
I love that I have my dad's original train set from when I was a kid.
I remember each year dad pulling out the platform and setting
up the train tracks.  We had an aluminum tree back then with
a color wheel.  I remember the trains never seemed
to stay on the tracks.  
We can't have everyone over without giving them a
goodie bag to take home with them.  This year I
made spritz and chocolate chip cookies.
The baking of the Spritz!
Spritz are a fragile cookie.  The glass canning jars
kept them from breaking.

The little silver trees were found at Target last 
year on sale for $1 each. 
Having 10 people in the dining room was a little 
tight but worked.
Derby heading to the front door.
My collection of bottle brush trees. I love these!
I picked up two of them from the estate sale I went to
in the summer when I snagged all that fabric.
Julep waiting for the arrival of our dinner guests.
Wilson cooks our turkey dinner each year.
I'm in charge of decorating the house, setting the table
 and dessert. 

Once everyone started to arrive I didn't have a 
second to take anymore pictures.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Now we are crossing off the days until Christmas!!

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