Thursday, December 9, 2021

Catch Up Thursday

from Henry Glass
Here is one of the finished blocks from the quilt above.
It's what called a progress shot that they like to show
as a 'teaser' to the finished quilt. 
Another progress shot pre-sewn together.

from Henry Glass
Wilson was my quilter holder by the way.
from Hernry Glass
Another progress shot.  I decided I wanted to try my
hand at making a French braid border.
A lack of progress shot!
Measuring and fitting the first French braid border.
The border was fun to make and I would make it again.
This was [at one time] a soft book panel.  When I get these
I always incorporate them into a quilt top simply because
it's my job to show different uses for the fabric line
besides what the designer meant them to be.
This was the quilt I finished before the one [above].
Since I had blocks leftover I cut them down to work with
the size of the book blocks [above].  I liked how they
both turned out.
A little morning sun in my sewing room.
from Henry Glass
I saved this collection for last because I'm just not
fond of working with colors this light.
I was playing with layouts last night but I think I 
found a better example of what to do on Pinterest.
Today we are headed into Annapolis so sewing time will
be limited to tonight.  Wilson needs new glasses, 
the westies need dog food, plus I want to pick up
a few things Trader Joe's.  We decided lunch will be
at the Cheesecake Factory. 

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