Friday, January 14, 2022

Read: 6 Soft Book Quilts


Finally finished!  These little quilts were a lot of work.  The
designer created the 6 panels to make into soft books.   Since
we are asked to do something different ... I made them into
 reading quilts for kids.
These are quilted/bound plus labeled and ready
for delivery to Chris for Outreach to give as needed.
There was a little diagram on the panel that I cut out and
made into a small pocket just because it was too cute not use.
The pocket is sewn on one of the block in every quilt.
'There's A Mouse In The House'
'Lots of Love'
I used fabric leftovers from other sewing projects
to separate the blocks and rows.
Here are three of the quilts.
'You Are A Sweet Pea'
Derby is on the 'You Are A Gift To Me' book quilt.
'If Kisses Were Raindrops'
'You Are A Gift To Me'
For fun I made READ rag letters.

A lack of progress shot due to Derby.
I don't think I'm scheduled for another shipment of fabric until
February or March.  I'll be using this free time to work on 
a few projects I want to get done.  


  1. LOVE seeing Derby, and he was on the right book. The books are so cute!

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