Saturday, October 1, 2022

Cat Angels, Cosmos, Sunset Skies


The cat head fabric arrived yesterday and I immediately got to 
work cutting them out.  It's a time consuming process but overall
it's not bad.  The heads come in a range of sizes and for the
largest ones I will need to re-work the pattern at some point.
For those quilters who follow my blog you will recognize
the angel bodies are from various lines of Kaffe Fassett
fabric from over the years.  Kaffe is best known for his
colorful designs [which I love and hate to cut].  He not only
designs fabric but designs needlepoint, knitting, patchwork,
painting and mosaic items as well.  
A little more info on Kaffe ...
He is one of the most influential living textile artist and has
devoted 50 years of his life designing and encouraging others
to find their own creativity.  He has produced over 50
publications, toured internationally giving workshops,
and lectures.  His designes are under the company
"Free Spirit" which is a Jaftex Company.  Unfortunately,
I'm not a Brand Ambassador for them.
Cosmos are putting on the last show for this year.

I love looking out my window and seeing all this color.
Hopefully, I'll get some volunteer plants next year
from this year's seeds.

The photo's never do the beauty of the evening sunsets justice.
Since we will be having a rainy weekend I'll be working
on the cat angels quilt plus I want to start working on
a few dog/cat holiday panels that will go to Dara's
vet practice for their holiday fund raiser.
Speaking of Dara ... here she is at work.
I snagged this from Facebook.

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