Monday, October 30, 2023

Scrap Xmas Quilts + Another New Collection


The Santa panel I snagged off the free table at a guild meeting.
I've been wanting to make a stack of Xmas presents so I finally
did.  Still want to sew buttons on the boxes to make them
a little more fun.

Each year when I make the 100 stockings for the kids at
The Child's Haven I take the leftover fabric and cut
it into squares.  In an effort to use some of those squares
I decided to make scrap Xmas quilts for the ladies
at Derby's vets.  The office manager will hold a drawing
for anyone interested in having one.

I have 4 done and I'm going to try for a few more.
The staff there is great as well as all the vets.
"Quilted Kitties" arrived Fed-X today.  This particular line
will not be shipping to stores until January.  I'm going
to pull out the Missouri Star Quilting pattern for cat
blocks and place those blocks around the panel.

Between working with fabric, cleaning the house and getting stuff 
out for Xmas I'm pretty darn busy ... but in saying that 
I'm pretty darn happy!

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