Friday, March 29, 2024

This & That & Happy Easter

While waiting for my next shipment of fabric from Jaftex 
I decided to take this 'free' time and make a quilt or two
for the guilds fund raising sale in November.
Since we live in an area that has a hunting season I found this
deer fabric in Lancaster.  I'm using the American Flag 
fabric for the backing.  It was a 5 yard flat fold for $5/yard.
My first contemporary modern quilt made using
the collection "No Tricks Just Treats".
Wilson was interviewed for a local magazine and they
 asked for a few pictures to run with the story.  I snapped
this while he was taking pictures with his big boy camera.  
This is only a small sampling of the issues he published.
A brand ambassador asked about using this contraption
to photograph quilts.  I decided to order it from Amazon
to give it a try.  It's really nice when I can't go outside for
photo's or if I want to hang new collections on it to
scan for the unboxing video Jaftex requires.  Professional
photographers use this to hold backgrounds.  I also
got a 'selfie' stick to use with my cell phone.  Now
all I need is the professional lighting and I could
have a new profession!
Happy Easter


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