Tuesday, April 9, 2024

"Cowboy Culture" + Misc. Stuff


Here's a collection I just started working with called
"Cowboy Culture" from Blank Quilting.
The start of quilt #1.  Still deciding what pattern to use
with the two panels below.

This is a big collection and is probably something I would
never have picked out but in saying that I 
do like working with this range of colors.

"My Childhood Christmas" from Henry Glass Fabrics.
  The first quilt in the photo [below] was made using this collection. 
The other collection is called "Winter in Snowtown".
Interesting fact - the same artist designed both of
these holiday collections - so I did a little switching
of fabrics between the two collections.
Derby inspecting the stack that's ready for quilting.
You could say ... I've been busy.
Then Fed-X dropped this big and heavy box
at my door of "Dot to Dot" from  Studio E Fabrics.
Jaftex was very generous in that I received
three [3] yards of 8 colors and what's great is 
that it's 108" wide.  Now that's a lot of fabric!

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