Sunday, June 16, 2024

Finishes and Starts

It was time to stop what I was doing and finish several quilts
I had in a stack by my sewing machine.
Since we live in an area that has hunting during the
winter months I was thinking this might do well
in the guild's sale in November.
The cowboy themed quilts will also go to the guild's holiday 
sale scheduled in November.  If they don't sell they
will be given away.
He's gotta be in the middle of things!
Still have a little of this fabric left over.  I'm
determined to make something else with it 
and not add it back into my stash.
Another for the guild sale.  This is just plan
fun and I know a little kid would love it.

The starts ... with stars.

From the free table last week I snagged a few issues of "Block"
magazine.  This pattern caught my eye and I knew it would 
be perfect for using the "Starlet" and "Flag Day" fabric.  
Can you guess what this quilt will look like when done?


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