Friday, April 2, 2010

A Busy, Busy Day!

In the morning mail Julep & Derby received a box from Trever (who is mom to Louis the westie).  Little Louis has excellent taste in toys!  Julep & Derby send a Big Thank You!
We just had to take Julep & Derby out to lunch today along the water's edge - making today the first of many meals they will be included in.  Of course they always receive a lot of attention and it's fun to chat with other dog lovers. 
After lunch we went for a walk.  All was going well until a 'you know what' ran in front of Julep then up the tree.  It was exciting to say the least!
Wilson and Derby at the St. Michaels Crab House.  Derby did very well and loved all the attention he received.  He is our little champ!

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