Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Flowers and A New Food!

Spring is here and we're getting ready for Easter Bunny Day!
In addition to the raw diet Julep & Derby eat we are expanding out to try something new and different.  Flint River Ranch was recommended by a friend (who has 8 westies!) ... so I did research and placed an order.  What I really like is FRR offers sample packages as well as large bags.  How many times have you purchased large bags of food only to find out 'they' won't eat it.  My order was for 2 sample boxes and 1 bag of Dry Water.  There was no shipping charge and no tax!
. . . . .
Last night we tried the Dry Water.  I measured the food and added enough warm water (heated in the microwave) to cover - let sit for the recommended 2 minutes until the water looked like gravy, then stood back to see if it passed inspection.  So ... in a matter of seconds the bowls were clean and they came looking for more.  I report success with Dry Water and hopefully will have the same results with one of the small packages tonight.

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  1. Hi..I just ran across your website thru facebook. I was of my Westies' name is Derby also. Not a common name. Our Derby is a female and we named her Derby because we brought her home the week of the Kentucky Derby. Our other Westie's name is Mae Sea..named after the great Mae West!! Just thought I would share this with now I will be following your blog to see what your two Westies are up to!!! Diane Thrush (