Friday, November 12, 2010

We're Decorating ... Slowly!

The westies heard a rumor that the holiday boxes were coming out of the attic early this year.  Why you ask ... well, it's because I'm not feeling great - not sick enough to be in bed, and not sick enough to lay around and watch TV ... but feeling yucky enough to putter around the house.  So why not make use of this time to get a major project out of the way?  This will certainly leave more time for shopping, wrapping presents and baking cookies!
Makes you wonder what Derby is thinking with that expression.
If I had to guess it would be something like ...
I'm a little prince and I ain't doing any of the decorating work.
Here is the beginning of Xmas at our house. 
Julep ... that's all of our glass ornaments in that box ... careful please.
I've been collecting ornaments since the early 70's.  Glass is my favorite and I hate to admit I break at least one each year.
Derby inspecting the miscellaneous things from last year.
I really like turning the right colored photo into old fashion black & white.
Maybe our holiday cards should be black & white this year.
All the non-breakables are stored in this box.
 Now to start putting the tree together and adding lights.
. :: . :: .
For those of you who are wondering
Yes, we do celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey and all the fixings
we just add a pre-Xmas twist to the day!

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