Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve At My Parents

It's tradition we go to my parents home in Baltimore on Christmas Eve for dinner and gift exchange.  The westies love all the attention they get from the family. 
Wilson enjoying a glass of wine before dinner is served.  He made his famous 'corn pudding' ... which is a smash hit at every dinner party! 
My sister (Debby) & Julep who is eyeing that plate of food. 
My nephew (Billy) is in his second year at Salisbury. 
My dad (Charles) enjoys a house full of family. 
Derby, Katie & my parents (Charles & Dot) 
My brother-in-law (Bill) & sister (Debby) with Wilson 
My cousin (Michele) & her daughter (Ali) with Derby heading off into the other room.
My sister gave me a pair of westie pj's, a Coach handbag and a pair of expensive fabric scissors - just to name a few of the gifts! 
My mom & Wilson

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