Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas in St. Michaels Weekend

Wilson and I met friends at Ava's last night for dinner.  I had to try my hand at night photography when I saw the patio decorated with lights.  This has to be the most lights (in one place) in town.   

This is the weekend of 'Christmas in St. Michaels'.
Highlights of the weekend are ... a Tour of Homes (which is in it's 24th year & one of the longest running house tour in Maryland), a black-tie holiday gala, gingerbread display, an old fashion parade down main street with over 50 different groups (our vet wanted Julep & Derby to ride on his float but we decided to decline his kind offer for the sake of the parade!), eastern shore dinners put on by several church groups, a marketplace full of homemade gifts with the marketplace kitchen featuring cookies (for sale) that were made by local chefs, and holiday singers performing during the weekend at various locations ... for more information visit:

The Bistro is another favorite place to dine!
We didn't spend a lot of time walking last night (after dinner) since it was cold.  It's nice to live in a town that shows so much holiday spirit.  The weekend will draw a large number of people and I'm hoping to take Julep & Derby for a walk.
Since I volunteered for 'house tour duty' I'll try and take a few photo's of the house I will be at in St. Michaels.

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  1. My goodness! St. Michaels really does have a lovey Holiday Weekend ahead. We are going to try out the Smalltown, VA parade tonight. I've never we'll see!