Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mantel of Presents

'The box' of presents arrived from good friends (Liza & Harry) who now live in the Myrtle Beach area.  Wilson (in his color coordinated shirt) matches the wrapping paper and ribbon!  Derby is eying the hanging ornaments and is wondering how to snatch one off a box.
... A Short Little Story ...
I've been friends with Liza since our high school days (in the 70's).  She married (several years ago) a wonderful man named Harry who she originally dated in high school.  As life would have it they both took separate paths and then re-connected many, many, many years later to once again start dating.  They fell in love and got married while living in Canterbury, CT.  During all those years apart, Liza had tucked away a ring Harry gave her when they dated in high school (how romantic is that!).  Harry couldn't believe Liza kept that ring all those years.  I don't know exactly when they started to re-date, but they were married in December.  This story proves . . . true love will find you when the time is right.
Now, back to me ... Can you tell I'm super-excited?  I can't wait for the 25th!  With a fire going in the fireplace, a big mug of Starbucks, and holiday music in the background we attack the mantel gifts ... all we need are fluffy snowflakes to make this a Norman Rockwell perfect holiday scene.
Thank You ... Liza & Harry
... ...
... ... ...
Derby is fixed on 'something' sitting on my desk. 
I don't know what Derby's obsessed with and what makes a terrier tick ... but now I'm wondering if Derby has some ballerina in him!

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  1. What a beautiful spread of presents!! I need to get wrapping, and I want my presents to look like Liza's :)

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful story of Liza and Harry! Some things really are just meant to be.