Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Would you believe it's almost 50 degrees?
Wilson & I wanted to add shrimp cocktail to our New Year's Eve dinner (of Allen Brother's prime steaks, corn pudding, oyster casserole and salad).  The westies haven't been for a ride (in a few days)and knew when the SUV came out of the garage and they were going with us.  First stop ... The Village Shoppe.
Julep is dying to get out and walk around. 
Derby is excited, but doesn't carry on like Julep. 
While Wilson went to purchase shrimp I enjoyed photographing flowers. 
{ Cyclamen }

{ }
A plant of the primrose family with heart-shaped leaves. 
These make me yearn for spring. 

Second stop ... walking the town 

I forgot to bring towels, but did remember to bring the westies water bottle. 
Julep has the habit of kicking up grass.  I understand dogs have scent glands in the pads of their feet, so basically they are leaving more of their scent.   
Derby got covered in grass and dirt from Julep.
On the afternoon schedule ... baths! 
Heading straight for that big mud puddle.  By the end of our walk, they were both filthy!
First bath was Julep since she's easy to dry. 
Second bath was Derby.  He takes forever to dry out.  Here he is still wet and Julep wanted to play.  One day I'll figure out how to make a video of these two with my camera.

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  1. Best wishes of joy, health, peace and happiness for the new year from Bella, Ollie and family.
    PS Bella also kicks up grass and we were wondering why, thanks for enlightening us !