Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year

We didn't intend to sleep through New Year's Eve ... but Katie got the flu bug. 
This is sort of how I still feel! 
Julep wasn't interested in my saltine crackers and ginger ale diet ... but totally interested in Wilson's dinner. 
Derby gets a new toy from Wilson. 

Christmas Stocking
I ran out of a thread with only a small section left. 
The next project


  1. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog by clicking on "next blog". I am now enchanted with your lovely white dogs, since, I am a white dog, too!! I am not a Westie. Gramma says that I am a Follow dog, since I follow her where ever she goes.
    I will be back to visit and welcome you to read my letters.

  2. Oh no! The flu bug :( I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling under the weather, as it sounds like you and Wilson had the most delish dinner planned. Hopefully there were some left overs :)