Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sewing Day & New Bandannas

Today I did a little experimenting with fabric, trim and patches.  The bandanna Derby is wearing has a patch I cut out of extra fabric I used to make a bandanna for Coop the westie to wear to school. 

Wilson & Julep
I like the dark pink pom-poms I added as an edging for the girlie bandanna look! 

I had an idea ... what would happen if I cut a westie from white glitter felt and add it to the bandanna?  I have to say, I think this is a winning idea!  The addition of the green heart (on the westie) made it even more Valentine festive. 
Is this the beginning of something new and great! 
I have a virtual (girl)friend who is learning and having fun cooking with friends.  She has a westie named Louis and there are times when Louis can go and help sample some of her cooking ... (I'm talking about you 'T') ... in any event, I couldn't find the exact fabric I was looking for, so I had to settle for a hot pepper theme.  Now Louis can sport his 'hot pepper' bandanna and look pretty darn cool when he goes to his next cooking with Mommy 'T'.


  1. Aww...Katie, aren't you the sweetest!!! A cooking banadanna for Louis. You are too thoughtful, and he will feel so very specia when he wears it at our cooking class. Thank you!

  2. All very nice! Did Derby get a fresh haircut? He looks very sharp!