Sunday, January 30, 2011

Did You Ever Wonder Where Your Dog REALLY Came From? I DID!

Written By Kim W.
"A Real Rescue Angel"
I had one Westie, Mattie, and I really wanted another Westie so a friend of mine was reading the paper scanning for a Westie to be a companion for my little Westie, Mattie. She found one listed in the paper needing a good home right away. She jumped on it and got him that night. This was a gift from her and a big surprise to me. Along with him came all the usual paper work, shots etc. and the so-called Breeder that he came from. The little Westie's name was Louie and he was a week away from his one year Birthday. Mattie was 6 months, so the age was perfect.

I’m a very curious person by nature and always wondered where exactly Louie came from originally. I dug out his file and noticed that he had come from a place 7 minutes from my house. I was shocked! I noticed the handwriting to be very shaky and hard to read. So I figured that he must have came from an elderly couple that wanted to breed maybe one time and that was it.

So I got my neighbor and we went for a ride. We found the house with no problem. I thought "what a nice house". He sold Christmas trees and antiques. We didn’t stop. We were just out joy riding. Then we found the house in which he was adopted from. Now you would have thought my curiosity would have been satisfied right? Nope…I had a nagging inside of me to call "B" who's name and address was on Louie’s registered papers…So Called registered papers . . .

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  1. oh my..... to think of what those poor westies went through! what a story!