Friday, January 28, 2011

Westies Watching

When the westies go upstairs you will find them (on the table top) in the front guest room watching the yard for anything that moves.
This is the 'Upper Level Command Station'.
The other members of this squirrel family can be found in the side yard. 
I'm being ignored even when I call their name and say the 'T' word.
Notice (below photo) only Derby listens to me. 

After surveying from the upper level command station ... it's time to do the physical perimeter check for security breaches to the fence. 
The inspection continues and the westies earn their keep for yet another day.
.. .. .. .. ..
... ...
Let me change the subject from westies, squirrels and perimeter checks to ... fabric!  I'm in the mood for spring colors and spring fabric.  The spring countdown ticker posts 51 days to go.  Yeah! 
Today I went to our local JoAnn's Fabric store and found these fabrics on sale.   
I like anything with sparkles.
I know this fabric will make some very cute bandannas. 
I had a dream, a crazy dream ... about fabric.  I described the colors of pink and lime green to Wilson and to my sister.  Today I happen to find a single yard on a bolt (in the corner mark-down section) of the store.  I couldn't believe it.  The other thing I remember from my dream was pom-pom trim with the same colors of pink and lime green, but the store didn't have that color combination so I had to settle for pink.  Now if I could only have another crazy dream and pick the next winning lottery numbers ... that would be awesome!


  1. The Westies on the table cracks me up! I can't wait for spring myself!!

  2. Love your Blog! It's a breath of fresh air!


  3. Derby and julep are doing a great job !
    The fabrics are lovely.
    Love from Bella and Ollie.