Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Snow Storm Missed Us!

I'm counting our blessings because the big snow storm missed us.  Today I was outside in a sweatshirt taking photo's around the yard.
 The creek has a very thin layer of ice floating on its top.

.. Camellia ..
Some varieties will bloom from late fall until spring.  It's so nice to see something as beautiful as this blooming in the winter.
Snowdrops ... are emerging right on schedule for February blooming.
After our last snow the grasses have sprung back.  Soon we'll be cutting them to allow the spring growth to emerge.
Warmer temps and melting snow makes the yard a big muddy mess!
.. Nandina Domestica ..
This plant belongs to the Bayberry family but is reminiscent of bamboo.  It is also called Heavenly Bamboo.
.. Daffodils ..
Seeing the daffodils popping up through the cold and semi-frozen soil makes me want to scream ... go back, go back, it's not time for you yet!  But these spring flowers stand up to cold and the good news is that rodents and deer won't eat them.  We have tons of daffodils planted around the yard and when they bloom I have vases full of these beautiful flowers around the house.


  1. Thank you for the update! We've been so worried about all of our friends, and are very happy to see you are doing okay!


  2. How did the westies feel about NO SNOW? Louis is very agitated that we haven't had a BIG storm this year. Only a few "dustings" of snow :(

    Beautiful pictures!