Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cake, Candles & Celebration

 Today was our big birthday celebration at my Mom & Dad's in Baltimore.
 After dinner it was time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, blow out the candles, and cut the cake.
 Julep & Derby join in and help with the candles.
 Sorry Julep ... no chocolate cake for you, but how about a little taste of icing?
 Jealous Bitch, a wine made in Australia
Has a westie face on the label.  We dare not open this, but keep it for show!
 Gifts to the westies from Aunt Debby & Uncle Bill.
 Julep wants some yellow cake from Grand Dad.
 Aunt Debby is ready to show us the doll she is designing cloths for.  At first the westies didn't know what to think of the doll!
 Grand Mom gives Derby extra attention because he was a little afraid of the doll.
 The Fashion Show ... Creations by ... Debby Designs
These clothes fit an 18" doll which is the size of the American Girl Doll.  I'm going to try my hand at making the simple poodle skirt pictured above.
 Julep & Grand Dad spend time together after cake.
 Derby ... checking things out, but really looking for left over cake that just happens to be around.

 Julep & Derby ... in rest mode!

It was a great day ... lots of food, cake, gifts, and fun with family and westies.


  1. Oh my goodness, where do you get this wine? I want to display it in my kitchen!

  2. that is seriously one cool bottle of wine. Looks like a nice birthday celebration