Saturday, April 2, 2011

Getting Ready

 Today was a day of 'getting ready' for our trip to Baltimore on Sunday to celebrate birthdays!  Step One ... get the westies into the kitchen by offering treats ... then grab one for a bath.
 Step Two ... Derby is smart.  He figured out what was going on by the shampoo and towels sitting on the sink.  He makes a mad dash into the living room after he had his treat and then proceeded to hide under the pillow!
 The Birthday Cake.
I love the tiny paw prints along all the sides and the bones on the top.
When I told my mom what I had written on the cake she said ... 'I never thought I'd be sharing a birthday cake with dogs' .. and I said ... excuse me, please ... these are not dogs - they are your grand-puppies and there better be presents for them!
I decided to do my Sunday chores on Saturday ... like changing the bed linens ... my little helpers are there checking to be sure the corners are fitted just so.  At this point, both westies have been shampooed, conditioned, brushed and blown dry, nails and ears done.
 Queen Julep of the Bed
This is 'the look' that Derby wants to play with Julep.  Notice his bed by the window and blanket by yet another window.  He is a mover during the night and we never know where he'll be when we wake up!
 Resting .. .. Queen Julep of the Bed

Derby waiting for a squirrel or a wild turkey to come out of the woods.  All it will take is one bark from him to get Julep to jump off the bed to see what she is missing.


  1. Those are some beautiful, clean pups! Happy Birthday to all!

  2. Julep and Derby are quite the pair. Happy Birthday to everyone.

  3. Have a great day! Every time I see a commercial on TV it reminds me of you and your beautiful doggies. It's a beautiful white dog just like yours. Can't remember the brand they are selling but I'm sure you've seen it.