Saturday, April 9, 2011

Car Ride ... Is All We Need To Say!

 All we need to say is ... let's go for a car ride and the westies come running!
 Run .. .. Julep .. .. Run
 Wilson double checks to make sure Derby is secure in his car seat.
 Derby doesn't like that I'm ahead with Julep.
He likes the lead position during our walks.
 Julep sees something interesting in the water ... don't fall in Julep!
 A docked work boat in front of the St. Michaels Crab & Steak House.
Across the harbour is the St. Michaels Harbour Inn & Marina Hotel.
 Cherry trees in full bloom at Christ Church.
The church grounds are a favorite spot for our walks because of the abundant amount of squirrels to chase.

Speaking of chasing squirrels ... we're not sure who gets the most exercise from our walks, the westies ... the squirrels ... or us!


  1. That is so funny! The exact same thing happens with Lexi! Say c-a-r or r-i-d-e (which we have to spell when we dont want her to know what we are talking about) and she will come running!

  2. You sure do live in a really pretty town. I always like looking at your pictures!


  3. what a gorgeous place for a walk. I'm surprised that Duke never really pays much attention to the squirrels.

  4. We only have to say B-E-A-C-H, or 'Show me where it is then' and Fred goes charging into the hallway for his lead and car harness. Such clever creatures!