Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey Everyone ... Derby Here

 Hey everyone .. .. Derby here
Just wanted to show you what Mommy Katie is working on today.  She has received a lot of requests from rescue organizations across the United States & Canada for bandannas.  I think the word is getting out about her work.
 Mommy Katie uses two different fabrics to make the bandannas more interesting.  Plus they may get twice as much use when a rescue is adopted and goes to their fur-ever home.  Mommy Katie is so clever for doing this, don't you think?
 Notice the fun stitching along the ends ... Mommy Katie said it takes a long time to do the special stitching and wishes she could do it on all of them.
 There are so many fun summer print fabric that Mommy Katie had to pick from ... she said it was a very hard decision and wanted to buy a little of all of them ... but Daddy Wilson wouldn't have been very happy with her if she did that!
 I overheard Mommy Katie saying to Daddy Wilson that she liked the butterfly fabric because it represents the fact that butterflies are free ... and in westie rescue those dogs are finally free of {a more than likely} a not so happy life.
 These will be set aside for fall requests.  The paisley print is outlined in gold sparkles.  Won't this look stunning against the white coat of a westie?
 Sewing on a fancy trim ... this is a one-of-a-kind bandanna.  Mommy Katie said this is a experiment.  One lucky westie girl will receive this!
While Daddy Wilson was doing a few things in the mall yesterday - and by the way - they left Julep and me at home for what seemed a long time - Mommy Katie popped into JoAnn's Fabrics in Annapolis and found these new fabrics.  I have to wonder if Mommy Katie will ever stop sewing Bandannas For Rescued Paws!


  1. How nice of you to show us what you mom has been doing Derby. She does such an excellent job with those and the two fabrics is a wonderful idea.

  2. I'm so excited to tell you something Derby! I found a rescue organization near me that I am going to start supporting :) I've been looking everywhere for a Westie Rescue, and they don't seem to have one any closer than 3 hours away. BUT...this organizatino helps all types of pups, and I am so excited to start helping out.

    I hope you approve! Louis is very pleased :)