Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Evening Sunsets - Day 2

 We are having a nice and very relaxed vacation.  Apparently last week there was a tornado that went by this very house ... yikes! ... and the next door neighbor lost their dock.  This explains why tops of trees are missing and there are piles of tree limbs along the Duck Road.  The clean-up crews are out in full force {as I type this} working with chain saws to clear the walking path next to our rental.  It is full of fallen tree limbs.  Entertainment for the westies!
 Our house is located directly on the Duck Road and across the road is a bike/jogging path.  This is such a great location!  This is the only road in and out of this area.  I would never come here in peak season - I heard the traffic back-ups are terrible!

 A Fly-by bird last evening.  We had shrimp cocktail and a glass of nice red wine while watching the sunset.  Wilson cooked Allen Brother's Filet Mignon on the charcoal grill followed by apple pie for dessert.
 OBX ... Sunset ... Number II

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  1. I think you guys live in a very beautiful spot. I always enjoy your pictures!