Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stormy Tuesday

 This morning started out so nice then the storm clouds started to roll in.
 With little to no outside deck time the westies take advantage of naps throughout the day.
 Derby likes the cool tile floor ... until he wakes up to move to a new location.
 Julep perches herself on the back of the leather sofa.
Funny thing is Derby doesn't like the back of these sofa's.
 Westie Number One .. Julep
Westie Number Two .. Derby
 This is what Wilson & I call them when we don't want to say their name.
 We'll be seeing storm clouds until Thursday ... that's okay because we plenty to do.
 The continuing bandanna project.
 This is a stack of 70 that are ready to be pressed flat.
I still love making and sending these as a donation to any rescue group requesting them.  Soon I'll start making Halloween, Fall and Christmas bandannas - I have requests already from rescues that have fund raising events scheduled.

1 comment:

  1. Even with the weather I know it's still a treat to be at the beach :) The westies sure do look like they are catching up on some nap time, and my goodness you have so many bandannas!! Wow :)