Friday, April 29, 2011

Guess What Julep Found . . . And Derby Took!

 Wilson and I went out to dinner at Restaurant Aqua which is within walking distance of our rental.  We left the westies watching the house and us walking down the driveway.   No matter how many times we leave them, there is always a guilty feeling about not taking them.

On our way back Wilson said ... I bet Derby is still sitting by the front door and darn if he wasn't - but no Julep.  When we came in she came running up from the lower level only to go back so we could take them out for a walk.  Julep found something under the sofa and she became fixed and wouldn't move.  Seems Julep found a duck in Duck!  This little yellow duck was probably left by a little girl who cried all the way home because she couldn't find her favorite toy.  So ... with the walk on hold I pulled out the duck so Julep could get her finders award.  Derby the little tormenter grabbed the duck from Julep and ran up two flights of steps.  He was so quick and this was so hysterical we stood there wondering what just happened, even Julep!  Derby ... we love when you make us laugh! 
 He loves this duck so it's going home with us.
 Wilson playing with Derby.

 Julep said ... forget about that stupid duck ... I'm going to my spot in bed.

Wilson set the tri-pod up so here we are just before we left for dinner.
Watching the sunset, drinking martini's and having dinner at Aqua was very special.
Saturday is our last vacation day so we'll be cooking an Allen Brothers steak on the grill and just chillin' out on the deck to watch our last vacation sunset.

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  1. all that hard work Julep did finding the duck and Derby takes off with that is just too funny. Enjoy your last weekend there