Friday, April 29, 2011

Town of Duck Park & Walking Trail

 Derby sees something in the water ... but I didn't!
 Duck Park is right in the center of Duck.  The town is in the process of building a large bandstand for outdoor concerts at the entrance of the park will face Duck Road (can you image the traffic jams this will cause!).  In October they have the Duck Jazz Festival. 
 Wilson has Julep, I have Derby.
We have two very happy westies with straight-up tails lovin' this vacation.
 Walk ... Stop ... Sniff ... Walk ... Stop ... Sniff
 Derby following two young girls that stopped & said he was cute.  He's all boy!
 These two think they are so cool walking so far ahead like they are big shots!
 Overlooking the marsh grass.
 Wilson wanted to take a photo of the grasses.
I wanted to take a picture of Wilson taking a photo of the marsh grasses!
 We started this morning at 6:00am with a walk - then it was breakfast and time to turn on the TV for the royal wedding.  Then it was time for another walk - again - along the Duck trail.  Followed by a little lunch and a car ride so 'we' could get lunch - followed by another walk - followed by a car ride to the grocery store - followed by another walk - followed by a car ride to the park - followed by a long walk around the park - followed by the car ride home.  I now have two exhausted westies.  (Not to worry - I carry bottled water in the car for them - they drink first, then what's left over is mine!)

 Flowers from the neighbors garden.

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