Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play Date with Melody & Grooming

 Today Julep had a grooming appointment with Ms. Dorene.
Derby was not happy to be left at home.
 Julep enjoyed being off leash in the backyard and playing with Melody.
 I was a little concerned about Julep and Melody getting along, but that was silly of me, they had a blast!

 Dorene & I had sat down to watch the dogs play ... but it was soon time for them to take a break and cool down.  What fun it was to sit, chat and catch some spring rays on a beautiful day.
 Melody saying ... I Love You ... Mommy Dorene
Sending you Easter wishes from Melody.
 .. ..
.. Bath Time For Julep ..
 One wet and sparkling clean westie on the table.
 Julep ... you don't use Ms. Dorene's tee shirt as a towel.
 All groomed and ready to go home.
Thank you Ms. Dorene for taking such good care of Julep and grooming her perfectly!
 Tulips from the front of Dorene's house.


  1. Isn't Melody just the cutest! They did have a good time, didn't they?

    AND...I see Julep's cut clearly now, and I do like it. Louis' cut is growing on me. Well, as it grows out on HIM I am liking it more and more :)

  2. Julep looks fabulous. Ms Dorene does excellent work. It looks like Julep and Melody had a great time too.