Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornado Thursday: Continued

 Westies watching the road from the mid-level of the house.
We noticed there are not many cars on the Duck Road today, more commercial vehicles.
 We think it has to do with the Tornado Warning that is in effect.
The rain started at 5:40p.m. and the wind is still blowing - now we have thunder to add to the mix. It should be a very interesting weather evening here in Duck!

 Derby 'just discovered' the vase of flowers ... bark, bark, bark!
 Yes, Julep we're going to brave it - you do have to piddle sometime!
 Derby ever so ready to take care of Mommy Katie.
He never leaves me out of his sight.
It's like having a little white shadow that you just might trip over.

 We cross the Duck Road to take the westies for a walk along the path.  They actually have been very good at walking - not pulling so much ... but my shoulder and arm still hurt and I've scheduled a doctor's appointment next week.
 We are in the community of Four Seasons.  The majority of homes are to the right of the sign.  There are 4 or 5 houses on the 'sound side' that are also part of Four Season's - we are in one of them.  
 This is less then a 2 minute walk from our rental.  The tornado came off the sound and took out a lot of trees along the water then hit ground two houses up from ours.  From there it went across the Duck Road and up the first street - just past the Four Season's sign above.
 This house was hit the worst.  The owners were removing items when we walked by.  The house to the right of this one is for sale ... should anyone be interest in this area.
 This is amazing and even though there is a lot of clean-up/repair no one was hurt.  I can't image what the renters in this house must have gone through when the tornado hit.
Julep & Derby wanted to know what happened to the squirrel nests in all these trees.


  1. oh my, so glad to hear no one was hurt

  2. Glad you and everyone else down that way came through the storms ok. We had downed trees and high winds but no tornadoes thankfully! Duck is such a great place, sounds like you had a crazy week there!

    Kat :)

  3. What a mess! Hopefully all this awful weather ends soon, and we can all relax!