Friday, April 29, 2011

A Stormy Thursday Brings Us A Beautiful Friday

 Last night we were hit with a very bad storm.  High winds, thunder, lighting, a little hale and a lot of rain.  We managed to get the westies out for a quick walk in between bands of weather.

 Julep watching the storm.

 This is a first for Derby.
He was bored and wanted to explore ... a great photo opportunity for me.
 A break {in the storm} gave us a few minutes of sunset ... then the rain came back in.

Derby ... our happy boy and my little shadow!


  1. Love your blog :) "Desperately Seeking Seersucke" sent me your way. I came upon her blog and asked her if she would mind if I did a "westie wednesday" on my blog too for my pup, Nova - she gave me the "ok" and also sent me some of the other Westie parent's blogs - yours was obviously one of them.

    Derby and Julep are adorable. Love the pics of Derby walking on the table. My westie can always be found on my nightstand, table behind my couch, end tables - you name it!

  2. glad to hear you made it through the storms safe and sound. The picture of Derby on the table reminded me of how Duke used to sit on the end table to watch out the window.