Monday, May 16, 2011

Decision Monday

 After spending countless hours doing on-line research and with much contemplation on the subject of sewing machines .. ..  I finally made up my mind to go with the 3-Series Bernina sewing machine. 
 In anticipation of my new machine I wanted to finish up what I had so I could start fresh with the new machine.  These bandannas will be sent to Pets for Patriots.
 Sale fabric at JoAnn's .. .. I couldn't pass it up!
 The finished stack .. .. just waiting for Velcro.
A lot of creative hours is sitting in this stack .. .. but it's all for a good cause.


  1. wow you sure have been busy. Bet you can't wait to get that new machine.
    I also enjoyed Julep's little hissy fit and seeing the bed making routine.
    I can't imagine trying to make the bed with more than just Duke to help

  2. Let us know what you think of your new machine!