Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Westie Sunday

 Sunday is the day to change the bed linens.  It is only on Sunday's the westies play hide and seek and get in my way.  This simple project takes me twice as long because I have to stop, find my camera and so I can take photo's of these two playing.
 I should put on my list of things to learn ... how to make a video using my camera.  Julep will get attacked when she walks by.
 In the middle of playing hide and seek the westies spotted a turtle walking by the bedroom window.  Derby gets so excited {with a wild westie type of crazy excitement} drags everything away from the window making a mess for me to clean up.
 'Obsessed' is a good word to use with these two waiting to see the turtle again.  It has gone under the maple tree ... so they will wait.
 Derby has his own bed by the window with a blanket in it.  At night the drill is ... he starts in bed with us, then moves to the end of the bed, then to the floor, then to his bed by the window.  He has been a night mover from the time we got him as a puppy and he was never happy in his crate at bedtime.
 Julep on her pillow and in her spot above my pillow.
Queen Julep is slowing me down from completing my bed making project.
 Saw something ... back to the window!
 Almost done and here comes Julep - again - back on the bed.

 When you have a westie as cute as Julep ... she can pretty much get away with anything!
 Derby can pretty much get away with just about anything also.
 Derby follows me around like my shadow. Here he enjoys the cool tile floor.
It's never a dull moment when you have two active westies in the house.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend and good wishes for the week ahead.


  1. Derby's night time routine sounds a lot like Sam's - he usually starts between Aaron and I, then moves down to the end of the bed, then off to sleep by the foot. If he hears me stirring at all, he will come and sit next to me - fully expecting me to wake up and scratch his ears!


  2. The photos are great. And I love your Westies - they're adorable!
    Andrea (new follower!)