Thursday, May 26, 2011

 Did Mommy Katie say ... Squirrel in the cherry tree?
 Westie eyes glued on squirrel!
 Squirrel poses for the camera!
 Squirrel watching is hard work.
 Heron on the Dock.  Westies not interested.
 But if put that heron in the yard by the pool - then it's a different story.
 The best photo I could get with my long lens {200mm zoom}.
 I think I need a longer lens - say a 300mm.
 We have two crabbers in our creek this year {you only see a tiny part of our creek in my photo's}.  I must admit it's pretty nice to have this show right outside our windows.  The harvest of crabs from the creek seems good this year, but I have wonder just what they get paid per bushel.  It's a hard way of life for those who make their living off the water.
 Flowers around the deck.

 Wilson ... and ... Derby
Wilson ... and ... Julep

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  1. So cute the way they look out the window...I sure wish I had a 200 zoom..LOL Very nice photos Katie!!