Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Ready For ...

 My sister Debby is going to spend a few days with us.   She'll be here on Sunday so I'm getting the guest room ready with the pink westie sheets.  Of course, my little helpers just had to see what I was doing.
 The neighbor was out cutting his grass so they decided to try and peer out the window to watch.
 I ran downstairs to get the camera because I didn't want to miss this cute photo op.
 Derby ... almost two years old!
 While I had my camera in-hand ... needlepoint pillows I completed several years ago.
 Derby looking at his reflection in the dresser mirror.
 I'll be working on holiday fabric while Debby is here ... which is pressed and ready to be cut.
 The westies followed me into the front guest room while I went into the closet to get out the holiday fabric.  Julep loves this spot on the table top to watch the pool sweep.   She thinks it's some kind of creature stuck in the pool.
 Derby ... looks like he needs a nap.
 Additional needlepoint pillows I did several years ago.
 We're going to a wedding reception tonight in Oxford.  The invitation {with the magnolia} was informal so I decided to add some sparkle on top of the white formal paper.
 While the westies were being groomed I spent time at the Jo-Ann's store in Columbia. All the fabrics were on sale {even the shaded thread} which I love to use when adding fancy stitches on completed bandannas.

The red dotted fabric will be on the flip side of the Christmas fabric and I'll use the paisley on the flip side of the Halloween fabric.  My goal is to have all the bandannas cut and pinned by the time Debby arrives so we can sew - sew - sew!

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