Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are You Ready For Father's Day?

 .. .. We're getting ready for Father's Day .. ..
Julep & Derby didn't know what to get Daddy Wilson for Father's Day so with my help we decided what he really needed was a new grill.  The westies love to have little tidbits of anything from the grill, like burgers, steaks and as for me, I like anything from the grill {because it doesn't mess the kitchen}.  Through research I found a neat oval shaped smoker/grill made by a company in Atlanta named PRIMO.  There was a dealer in Dover, DE that gave me an excellent price {no sales tax is an added plus} and we just came home from picking up the PRIMO OVAL JR.
Photo from the PRIMO website
Wilson's grill is still in the back of the SUV.
The cradle is on order but we can still fire her up by placing the tiny feet under the cooker so it will be raised off the deck.  Now all we need is the charcoal and a few Alan Brothers steaks from the freezer. Wilson is looking forward to learning how to cook on this type of grill as well as smoke meats on the PRIMO.  Once he gets the hang of how it cooks we'll be looking forward to inviting friends over for our first PRIMO steak dinner party.

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