Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking at the Moooooo's & Going for a Walk

 Today was Derby's official first day out of the house since his surgery.  We stopped by the cow field on our way to town so Wilson could take some photo's.  I stayed in the car and took photo's of the westies.
 Resting Brown & White Cows
Photo By: Wilson

 Gosh, do they love walking in St. Michaels.  This weekend is the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museums 24th annual Antique & Classic Boat Festival.  We'll try and attend over the weekend to take a few photo's, most likely without the westies due to the crowds and heat.
 The St. Michaels harbour is pretty empty for a Friday afternoon.  I'm betting it will start filling up later today.
 The Crab Claw Restaurant across the water is next to the CBMM.   There were a lot of folks picking crabs out on the lower deck.
 Doing their usual sniffs along the dock.  It's been a full week since their last walk and I would assume there's a lot of 'doggie news' to catch up on.
 Yarrow in Yellow
 Derby still sniffing everything he can.
 The Town Dock has a new sign!
 Hydrangea's in Pink

Stopping for a second so Wilson could take this photo of me.  Our walk around the harbour was very nice and now that we're back home it's westie bath time.  Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Ha! Ha! So cute!! I love cows! Beautiful flowers!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.