Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Pickle Food Bar - More Photo's!

Lunch @ Big Pickle Foodbar
Did you know there are 23 {deli, etc.} sandwiches, burgers & dogs on the menu?
This doesn't include additional menu items such as:
snackies & table sharings, soups and salads!

.. Here's a few mouth watering deli sandwiches on the menu ..

#1 The Jack | corned beef, spicy mustard, rye
#2 The Standard | excellent tuna fish, spicy mustard, rye
#3 The Other Jack | pastrami, spicy mustard, rye
#7 Reuben | corned beef, house made kraut, Swiss cheese, Russian style dressing, rye
#8 South Philly | 'frizzled' beef, sweet onion, toasted hoagie...whiz, American or Provolone
#23 Your Way | whatever you want, we'll say YES!
.. ..
.. Yes folks all this really is in St. Michaels! ..

Cute little fryer baskets full of snacks.

The Owners
Dolores & Jack Antwerpen
The Menu . . . Lunch & Dinner
No detailed was spared in the design of the Big Pickle.
 I like the lighting and how fun and funky it is!
Just one small section of the bar area!
The 2nd level dining area.
 A big bright space with tables and chairs, green walls, wood beams, contemporary lighting, and I'm just going to say it ... the most gorgeous ladies room I've ever seen!
So there you have it ... just a few more photo's I wanted to share with you.
Remember when you go to the Big Pickle ... the answer is always YES!


  1. It looks like an absolutely fabulous place - and the deli sandwiches certainly made my mouth water just reading about them!

  2. Reading all those sandwich selections made me hungry. Looks like a really nice place

  3. Oh yum yum. That looks all so delicious!


  4. All the food looks so delicious! I loved Reubens and used to order them wherever I went years ago. Everything is so nice and clean. The bar reminds me of my old days at my bar. Fun times but a lot of work.