Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Smokin' Hot!

 Last night was our first official Primo Oval Jr. grilling night.
 In honor of this special event the westies got a bath with a fluff and blow-dry.
Derby didn't care about a bath and all the added stuff ... he was smelling steak and that was the only thing that counted!
 We're smokin' on the deck.
Derby heading to the smell of steaks on the grill.
 This bad boy Primo can get up to 700 degrees ... now that's one hot grill!
 Seasoning with a secret blend of spices.

Another busy fun-filled westie day comes to an end in the Wyatt household.
When we see Derby like this it's ...
Do No Disturb

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  1. Mom is travelling for work an is forced to eat a steady diet of PB&J and Oreo's. Don't be surprised if she knocks on your door - those steaks look good!