Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cookie Baking Time!

 Yes, Julep ... I did say it was cookie baking day
but the people kind of cookie baking, not the westie kind you & Derby could have.
 A Mrs. Fields Recipe
I haven't met a Mrs. F's recipe that wasn't excellent.
 A little secret to making my chocolate chips more unique is I add 5 types of chips to the batter so no two cookies taste the same.
 I took a basket of freshly baked cookies over to the staff at the Big Pickle to enjoy.  They've worked so hard I thought everyone would enjoy a treat.


  1. The cookies look delicious. I'm hungry now :)

  2. Thank you SO much for the cookies...they were WELL appreciated!! And thank you again for coming in to Big Pickle! We love having you :) And our staff giggles everytime...they say, "The Wyatt" burger is here :) Haha


    P.S. I still have your basket. Let's have cocktails soon and I will bring it by!