Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farmers Market Saturday

Feeling guilty about leaving the westies home last night while we dined with friends ... this morning Wilson and I decided to take them to the Saturday morning Farmers Market in St. Michaels.  They were overjoyed about going for a ride and walk in their favorite park so early in the morning.  Little did they know that they would see all kinds of doggies ... some friendly and some not so friendly.

Wilson in line at 9:30 - one hour after the Market opened and the bread guy had sold out of his plain handmade croissants. Market goers line up at his stand before the Market opens just to get these delicate crusty buttery breakfast treats.
As you can see the bread guy is almost sold out of everything.  Wilson did manage to get one almond, one chocolate and one spinach and feta cheese croissant plus a loaf of whole wheat bread.
The westies were in amazement and on high alert with all the dogs in 'their' park this morning.

Derby really liked this pair of mini-poodles. Tails were waggin' all around. If Derby had his way we still would be following them around the Market!
The Market is a very social place ... we always run into people we know.
On our way back to the car with westies and breakfast goodies I snapped this photo of the St. Michaels Harbour.
A Special Guest Straight from the Farm
I was prepared to hold the westies back figuring they would go nuts being so close to this creature ... but it didn't phase them in the least ... now the straw on the street is another story.

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  1. a farmers market sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday morning.
    It's funny how sometimes Duke will go nuts over the littlest things and then not be bothered at all by something I'm sure he's going to go crazy about