Friday, June 24, 2011

Leaving Julep & Derby At Home

 We had dinner tonight with friends and had to leave the westies at home.  I didn't realize that Laura made the reservations for outside on the front porch ... so actually the westies could have joined us.  Dinner at Mason's was very good so there were zero leftovers for the westies.
 Stopping for a quick photo of me since we were a few minutes early.
 Snapped one of Wilson in his new 'Charlie Sheen' shirt!
 The table to the right was our table - a perfect spot to people watch.
We enjoyed every second with friends ~ eating, drinking and catching up on news.
 Laura & Cary
 A Mason's Cosmo
On the eastern shore there are a lot of wealthy folks that have weekend homes.  I didn't want to drool but I just had to take a photo of this new Rolls Royce coup top.  How cool would it be to drive to dinner in a RR with the top down on a perfect summer evening?  Oh, twist my arm, please!  The RR people went to dine at the Bartlett Pear Inn ... we'll go there next time with Laura & Cary ... but we won't be driving a RR!
~~ Happy Weekend Everyone ~~ 


  1. Such a pretty town!

    Did Julep and Derby give you major guilt when you got home? Our boys do!


  2. Oh my goodness...your Julep and Derby are adorable and I love their names! I so want to get one of these little guys.
    Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely. ox

  3. I think Julep and Derby deserve an extra treat for having to stay home and then not getting any leftovers :)
    That looks like a great place. The people watching sounds like fun to me. I love to do that.

  4. Aw! Poor little guys.....I know they were disappointed without leftovers!!! What a fun evening y'all must have had. The restaurant looks fantastic!