Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Sunday To You!

 Wilson took this of me with the westies yesterday.
Today the westies were moping around the house so ... as any good westie mom would do ... I put them in the car and took them into St. Michaels for a walk.  We had a nice long walk but Daddy Wilson stayed home because he's still trying to get over his nasty cold.
 I finally caught The Patriot pulling out of its slip.
With scheduled tours {about an hour long} there is also an added narrative history of the harbour as you cruise along and take in the sights.

 This is a big boat for such a little pooch!
 Julep stopped to look at the dog on the big boat because it was barking 'hello' as we walked by.
 Back home and out like a light once I brushed them after their walk.  This is a pre-dinner nap.  What a life these westies have!!!
 Around the garden photo's

The swimming pool which we have not been in yet.


  1. lovely photos. Happy Father's day to daddy Wilson, hope he's feeling better soon

  2. Still no swimminging in the pool? I sure do wish I had a pool in my back yard. It was scalding here this weekend, and we were too hot to pack up and drive to the pool. How's that for lazy?