Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walking Around

The westies are so very happy.  This is their second time in town this weekend.
 The America ... at the fueling dock.
 Doing the usual sniff, sniff, sniff routine.
 American & British flags fly high above the town dock.
 Wouldn't you think you'd be entitled to a discount for 300+ gallons of fuel!

 Margarita: Super Yacht
 Julep was heading up the steps to get on this sail boat.  I said no, no, no baby girl you belong on the steps of the super yacht Margarita!
 Busy waterways.
 Derby does have excellent taste in yachts also.  There's nothing wrong with a Viking yacht for our baby boy!
 Taking a moment to smell the air and watch the activity.
 Wilson told me he once had a yacht like this.  Of course, that was pre-K!

 The westies are people magnets.  This lady got out of the pool to come over and see the westies.  Of course today they looked especially cute because they were wearing their nautical bandannas.
 The Captain ... looking so official standing on the deck of the America.
Bikes for rent.

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