Friday, June 10, 2011

Leaving the Westies at Home

 It was a difficult decision but we left Derby at home for just a short period of time.  We wanted to go to the opening reception at the Academy Arts Museum in Easton.  Wilson submitted a photo to the Members Only exhibit and we wanted to see it hung.
 Here are a few pieces of art I enjoyed seeing this evening.
 This is woven in the center.

 Here is our friend Bob Lippson.   His submission was the the roses.
 Wilson with his submission ... Lily Pads at Longwood.
I found A.J. {Bob's wife} studying this picture.
 I like the simplicity of the crab baskets.

The Academy did an excellent job placing and hanging the art in the gallery.  Next year I plan on submitting a photo ... maybe of little white westies!


  1. Derby looked sad. All the art is beautiful. The Lily Pads is so pretty.

  2. How exciting! All the pictures look so pretty!