Friday, June 10, 2011

Post Surgery: Derby Update

 Post Surgery:  Day 1
Derby's leg needed to be shaved for surgery.  It was a rough night for little Derby but once I gave him half of his pain med, he did better.  For me, I managed to grab a few hours sleep here and there during the night.  I slept on the dining room floor with Julep, and Derby took his spot under the table.
 He's been eating just fine and I think the sun will do him some good.
 Of all days for a turtle to find a resting place on my terra cotta saucer right at the bottom of the deck steps.  Julep was the first to notice and with all her commotion got Derby worked up {not what the doctor ordered!}.  After a short while the turtle decided to take a stroll through the yard and go for a dip in the pool.  Thank goodness the westies didn't see this happen.  I got them in the house, closed the window blinds just so the westies wouldn't know what I about to do ... turtle fishing.  In record time I snagged him in the pool with our long handle skimmer and set him free in the yard.   I know all too well this will probably happen again tomorrow ... because ... 'tis the season for turtle egg laying.
 Julep was an excellent big sister.  She didn't get much sleep because we both wanted to monitor Derby through the night.
Out of the sun and in the coolness of the house.   This is his spot under the dining room table.  Sweet dreams little Derby you'll get better and stronger every day.

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