Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Primo Grill

 The Primo Grill has finally arrived on the deck
{it's been in the back of Wilson's SUV for safe keeping}!
The cradle that was on order arrived today so now it's time for Wilson to put his skills to the test and put it together so we can fire her up and cook our first meal!
 Julep checking out the top ... the Primo Oval Jr. weights 95 pounds and it was a little struggle for Wilson and I to get it up on the deck.
 Of course Derby had to stick his nose in the vent!

 The Oval Jr. is the perfect size for us.
The Oval XL was just to big for just us and weights 200 lbs.   It's really made for someone with a large family or who has large parties all the time - at least that's what I read in the grill forums.
In case your wondering ... the Jr.'s dimensions are: 24"x20.5"x16"
It's time for 
the Allan Brother steaks to come out of the freeze and to
pick up some vine ripe tomato's and some fresh sweet corn
{and of course} a few baking potato's ... 
'cause we're going to fire up that grill and have a feast.  Can you tell  that ...
Derby and Julep are excited ... 
 I'm very excited ... 
Wilson is super-charged excited about cooking on the Primo.
You can also purchase to go along with the Oval Jr. ... chicken and turkey sitters, firebox dividers, heat deflector plates, v-roaster racks, pizza baking stones and two-in-one multi purpose racks!  My kitchen may never be messed up again!!  

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  1. I think I can smell those steaks grilling from here.
    Gorgeous pictures in your last post too