Wednesday, June 22, 2011

 Help me I've fallen into the pool and can't get out! Not to worry little frog, you'll be out in a second to live another day.
 While doing the frog rescue I noticed the sail boats anchored down the creek.
 I think guy got stuck on a sandbar but it didn't take him long to move off it and head just a few feet away to be with his other sailboat friends.

 I spotted these little sea snails resting on a rock.
 Braving the grass {in my flip-flops} with the very strong possibility of those pesky ticks waiting for me to walk in just the right place so they could attach themselves to me ... I braved all this to snap these photo's.

 The intoxicating fragrance of the lilies is sweet.

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  1. I love all your photos. I love frogs. So glad he got rescued..LOL The pics of your dog after getting his teeth brushed are real cute.. I've never seen snails sunning themselves before. That's a neat pic also!! Looks so pretty there.