Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taking a Friend for a Birthday Lunch

 It was very hot today and the westies needed to stay at home while I went to take a friend to lunch for her birthday.  Normally the westies would have gone but I didn't want them to melt in the heat.

 Gail the Birthday Girl!
I took her to the Big Pickle to celebrate her special day.
Kiwi stayed in Gail's office while we went out.
Don't you just love the name Kiwi?
 Gail and I enjoyed a very nice Merlot and then it was time to get serious about our lunch selection.  We both agreed on 'The Chief' named after the Chief of Police in St. Michael who happened to dining there.  We said hello on the way out and told him what we had.
 Above our table ... I like whimsical things.
 In the waiting area of the Big Pickle was this beautiful flower arrangement.

Celebrating Gail's birthday was fun because she is such a great lady and friend.  
Back at home Julep was looking for leftovers . . . again!
.. ..
Wishing you a safe & very happy
4th of July.

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  1. Julep sure loves her leftovers *giggles*...she is too, too cute!